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Sound Harmony promises fun and quality music education for all ages and abilities. We look forward to sharing this musical experience with you.

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David is the most gifted music teacher I have ever met. He was able to establish a deep connection with my daughter very quickly, and work out exactly the approaches that would inspire her to learn and love the piano. He is patient, funny, thoughtful, intuitive and wise. He doesn't just teach my daughter pieces, he develops her musicality. I would recommend David in the highest possible terms.




As a composer, and previous piano teacher, I was fairly exacting about the type of piano lessons I wanted for my child. I was looking for a piano teacher who embraced the joy and creativity music can bring to life. I also wanted a teacher who valued technique. David has fulfilled these requirements and then some! He is able to augment his teaching style depending on the student, which gives the child the opportunity to explore the repertoire in their own expressive way, along side a solid development of playing technique and standard pianos skills. 




My daughter has been learning piano with David for a year and a half now and she loves it. David is the most caring, kind and patient teacher I have ever come across.  He takes the time to explain things carefully and always makes sure that my daughter understands what she is learning. He is playful and makes piano lessons fun and enjoyable while at the same time helping my daughter progress with her playing.  My daughter has really enjoyed the experience of performing to an audience each term and I really think this has motivated her to practice regularly and constantly learn new pieces throughout the year. Thank you so much David for helping develop my daughter's love of music.


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David has been teaching my son for over four years. He is patient and encouraging and piano is one of our favourite extracurricular activities. I have noticed my son grow in confidence, ability and musicality under his tuition.



Teaching piano is one thing, but building a rapport with kids to make them want to play and practice piano is quite another. David really connects with his students and makes the lessons fun.

Mike and Leonie



Student Testimonials 


I think David is an amazing teacher because he always stays calm and never gets angry. He also plays little games to help me learn and always seems to be smiling.



I love the way David teaches because he makes it so much fun to learn more things about music and when I'm struggling he's got more than one way to explain it.

12 yrs


David is the most enjoyable teacher I have had to learn from. His enjoyment of music and teaching makes having a lesson a pleasure. He finds pieces for me to learn that I like and that suit me and has shown me how to practice. Playing Bach has been a great musical learning experience for me. I would recommend David as a teacher for his musical expertise, knowledge of the learning process, his enjoyment of people of all ages and his love of teaching. Anyone who is lucky enough to be taught by David will love their playing and learning experience.