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How much are lessons?


30 minutes - $32     45 minutes - $48     60 minutes - $64



What age can my child start?


Generally 5 yrs is a good age but it is different for every individual. I encourage new students and parents to meet with me so we can get to know each other and make sure your child is ready to start.



Can I observe a lesson before committing?


With the permission from the student's parent(s) you are welcome to observe a lesson.



Should I attend my child's piano lesson?


I am happy for parents to be present during the lesson or for the student to attend by themselves. It is best for young students to have their parents with them until they are confident enough to attend by themselves.



What happens during a lesson?


Lessons are flexible and vary depending on what a person needs to work on. Generally a lesson will include some technical work, theory, instruction on the pieces being learnt, aural training and music reading skills.



Will my child learn to read music?


Yes. All students are taught to read music.



Will my child learn theory?


Yes. All aspects of theory are taught from basic note names to advanced harmony and composition.



What do I need to purchase?


A folder, a notebook and a theory book. These items are provided at the first lesson and added to the first invoice.



What happens if I miss a lesson?


If I am notified in advance of a missed lesson it will not be charged for. Any lessons missed without notification will be charged for at their usual rate. There are circumstances where it is not possible to notify in advance and these are assessed on an individual basis. 



Are there lesson times available?


Yes there are currently lesson times available. I teach after school hours Tuesday - Friday and all day Saturday. If you would like to ask about a potential time send an enquiry and I will get back to you. Click here to go to the enquiry page.



How do I book a lesson?


Send an enquiry and I will get back to you. Click here to go to the enquiry page.



Do you have a Working With Children Check?


Yes. My Working With Children Check is current. Details can be provided for you to check after a formal lesson enquiry is made.